Why Us ?

Holistic Wealth Management Advisory

  • Our representatives have rich experience and wide outreach network partnering with experts across all specialisations
  • Our extended network ensures you with access to ‘best-in-class’ capabilities

Access to Proprietary Investment Opportunities

  • Our investment team provide global services across China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Thailand
  • With unique ties to many Asia Pacific’s most promising growth-stage businesses, we pride ourselves in offering exclusive investment opportunities

Greater Alignment and Autonomy

  • Dedicated to align our objectives to clients‘ needs, we bridge the mismatch between what clients are looking for and what traditional wealth management can provide
  • With EAM platform, we eliminate the possibility of conflict of interests between RMs and clients by adopting a more transparent and flexible approach

External Asset Manager Platform

Our empowered external asset manager (“EAM“) platform delivers a unique financial solution different from the traditional bank to open up a plethora of investment opportunities. Through us, clients may access various financial instruments offered by a list of financial institutions while keeping their assets under the custody of reputable banks.

By providing our clients with neutral and bespoke investment solutions, the EAM model eliminates the unavoidable conflict of interests between investors and investment sales personnel (who are often pressured by their employers to sell off-the-shelf financial products). Our investment professionals at 8 Capital are familiar with a diverse range of asset classes to offer the most tailored and unbiased investment strategies to fulfil the investment objective of our clients.



Our innovative digital EAM platform provides a series of trading functionalities, allowing external asset managers to carry out trading operations on various financial instruments (equities, bonds, funds, futures, options, etc.).


With full flexibility to select different service providers across various custodian banks, asset management, securities, EAMs can provide high quality strategic advice on choosing between products and solutions and leave the clients autonomy in choices.


We offer flexibility and highly personalized service to clients with the primary objective of growth in their wealth. Instead of being paid commisons on additional products, RMs are incentivised by a fixed percentage fees to deliver consistent and solid results.

Family Office

8 Capital strives to provide a wide range of services to our High-net-worth clients and their families. We dedicated ourselves to customize wealth preservation plans and construct sustainable operational and management frameworks.

Wealthy families are increasingly setting up family offices to overcome the challenges they face when looking to preserve and grow their wealth, including global economic uncertainty, lack of governance or the absence of a clear succession plan. We provide long-term professional wealth management for families with investable assets, allow for greater involvement of second and third generations to ensure intergenerational continuity and facilitate wealth transferring to the next generations.


8 Capital Strives to provide a wide range of services to our High-net-worth clients and their families